Summer Weekend 7/18-7/20

I’ve had a pretty eventful time since my boyfriend came into town earlier this week, especially this past weekend. I’ve found documenting these events on my phone are way easier than lugging my camera around, so I’ve managed a lot more photo/video of what I’ve been up to.


I took my boyfriend to Lakeside, a small amusement part in an older part of town. It was built in 1908 and retains a lot of vintage charm, especially in its art deco style. I think I may have had more fun exploring the old parts of the park than actually riding anything, although we did that as well. It was a warm  summer night, perfect for the festivities, which included ice cream and funnel cake (after we rode the Tilt-a-Whirl and Scrambler, thankfully)



There wasn’t much going on that day, as I spent most of it preparing for that night. I got my brother and I tickets to a live show of the podcast Welcome to Night Vale, which if you don’t know about, you need to immediately start listening to (It’s free, after all)


The live show was so much more amazing than I expected. The musical guest, Eliza Rickman, was wonderfully whimsical and complimented the show. The show itself? Fantastic.  I love how they altered it ever-so-slightly to enhance the fact it was live, and they utilized the crowd in a really fun way. Unfortunately with the lightning, my stage photos weren’t as great. But at least I have the memories?

Just Cecil

Just Cecil

Cecil and Carlos

Cecil and Carlos








Capping off the weekend was the annual Dragon Boat Festival. Though it’s based on a traditional Chinese event, it’s become Colorado’s all-Asian fest, with food and entertainment from all over the region. It’s definitely grown A LOT since I first attended, and it was hot as all get-out, but worth the trek to the lake for.

Here, here, and here are some videos I took of assorted performances I watched.

Probably one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time.

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Bath Time Reviews: Freeman Cucumber Peel-off Mask



















Since already reviewing two Freeman products, I looked in my bathroom pantry to see I actually had a Freeman face mask I bought some time ago. This is one of the first and most popular of their face masks, a peel-off variety infused with cucumber. We’ve long seen the image of women applying cool cucumber slices to their eyes as a staple of beauty self-care, but why? Well, apparently cucumbers are chock-full of antioxidants and silica, which can reduce dark circles and puffiness. It also benefits the rest of your skin as these ingredients are said to improve your overall complexion by tightening up your pores.














As for this product, it’s quite unusual in the sense that it is similar to the experience of applying glue to your face, letting it dry, and then peeling it off. As you can see above, it’s very thick and sticky, but applies in a pretty even, thin coat.  You can feel the coolness of the cucumber, but doesn’t tighten as much as you would think.




















One thing I don’t like about Freeman masks is how long they can take to dry. Their directions indicate 5-15 minutes at most, but I find sections of my face still tacky and wet after some 20 minutes or more. This mask is pretty notorious for that.

Peeling away

















The thing about this mask is that I can never actually tell if it does anything? There’s no definitive sensation to let you know it’s working, and I don’t notice much of a difference in my skin after using it. Sometimes I think just the act of peeling something off your skin kind of tricks you into thinking it must be doing something, but I’m not so sure it does. In that case, I’d only give it a 4 out of 10 (if only because, lets be honest, it’s fun to peel things)

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Bath Time Reviews: Freeman Face Polishing Mask

It’s time for another bath time review! This time, I’m tackling another Freeman product, but quite different from my last one.

















As you can see, this is a face polishing mask with charcoal and black sugar as its main ingredients. I was incredibly excited when I saw this new mask on the shelf, as I’ve recently gotten into charcoal based beauty products. Typically charcoal is used in Asian face products, but it’s gaining popularity in the west with companies like Lush now offering charcoal face cleansers. Activated charcoal is said to draw out dirt, bacteria, and chemicals from the skin, giving it a fresh and clean rejuvenation. It’s so strong in fact, that charcoal powder can even be used to treat some poisonous bug bites and bee stings.

This was my first foray with black sugar, similar to brown sugar but darker and richer in content, containing minerals that regular sugar does not. It’s clear that the black sugar here is used as the polishing agent, to scrub away dead skin and let the charcoal do its magic.













At first feel, I was a bit surprised. I knew it wouldn’t be as smooth as the other Freeman products, but I was taken aback by just thick it really was. It also had an unusual oily layer, that made it difficult to spread. As I started applying it to my skin, I had to re-read the directions to make sure it was in fact meant to be used as a mask, because it seemed impossible to get an even coat of it on my face. I also noticed a faint warming sensation, which I’ve noticed while using other charcoal products.

















As you can see, it doesn’t look (or feel) much like a mask. Luckily it has a much shorter setting time than other masks (only 5 to 7 minutes) You then scrub/polish your skin for 2 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Despite the initial weirdness of the texture, I immediately noticed smoothness as I washed it away. Once my face was dry, it had that nice squeaky clean feeling. I could really see this mask coming in handy for the days when my face has pulled in a lot of toxins from pollution, make-up, or anything else it comes into contact with on the daily.  I don’t think I’ll wear it as a mask again, but I will very much use it for a good polish when I need it. And as I stated with the other review, Freeman is a great way to get a mostly natural face cleanser at a fantastic price ($3.99!). I give it a 7 out of 10.


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July Fourth Weekend

I started off the holiday by the pool Thursday afternoon, taking in the sun and also getting some swimming in. I ended the day with some dinner at Good Times, sitting outside and enjoying the weather. But first, we had to stop by the fireworks stand to grab some fountains and sparklers for the following night.


July Fourth itself was met with some lazing around, watching Independence day and putting the finishing touches on my Jello cake (in typical American fashion).

That evening, we headed over to the Thornton Rec Center fields we go to every year, which has by far the best fireworks display I’ve ever seen. They always start off the night with skydivers descending into the crowd strapped with fireworks. After they all safely reach the ground, the show begins.

So, that was July 4th around these parts. Tonight I think I’ll enjoy some hard cider and sit around the fire pit in the backyard.

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Cherry Blossom Festival 2014

094Denver had their annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Sakura Square. I’ve been coming to Sakura Square for years now, eating at one of my favorite restaurants (Sakura House) and also getting my hard-to-find items at the Pacific Mercantile Market.

The Cherry Blossom Festival takes place every June on the streets in front of the Tri-State Denver Buddhist Temple. There is a great selection of vendors and performances every year, and it’s always a ton of fun. I went with my sister, brother-in-law and his son. It was their first year there, so I had the pleasure of showing them around the area.

095This year, I also finally got to head under the temple where the beer garden and karaoke take place. The cold Asahi (one of my favorite beers) was great for the hot day, and it’s a good place to relax and watch some karaoke while you enjoy your drinks.



098I came away with some great items, too. Including incense from the temple, brought over from Japan in 1974. Also, a vintage kimono and other knick-knacks.

















Afterward, we hit up Rio Grande for some Mexican food and margaritas.


Overall, a pretty swell summer day.

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Beginning of Summer 2014


It’s summer! Which means I try to get back into blogging. It hasn’t been much of a start to the summer, as I’ve just gotten over the cold from hell that lasted a good two weeks. However, I’m coming out of it and ready to get my summer on.

I did, at the very least, get to attend Denver Comic-Con. I only had a badge for Friday, but it was hours upon hours of entertainment and fun.  I was exhausted after it was all over, but totally satisfied on a geeky-social level.

Some of the people behind Adventure Time

Some of the people behind Adventure Time

I’m also back into my jewelry making, with my online shop NOW OPEN! Check it out, if you would be so kind (and maybe buy a thing or two? ~_^)

On Sale just in time for July 4th.

On sale just in time for July 4th.

Other than that, I want to do some more bath time reviews, as well as posting more personal blogs about the awesome things I have coming up. This weekend I’ll be at both a art fair and the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, so look out for that! 🙂

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Bath Time Reviews: Lush “Rose Queen” Bathbomb

I am back with more reviews from my bathroom!

So I did it, I finally tried some stuff from Lush. I’ve been hearing people gush about it for awhile now, but never got the opportunity to try it. While I was in Boulder in early March, I stumbled across a Lush store and got a couple items bought for my birthday. It was a nice treat.

If you don’t already know, Lush is a cosmetics company that promotes handmade soaps, scrubs, hair products, bath bombs and more, made from only the freshest fruits, vegetables, herbs, essential oils and a couple non-harmful synthetic ingredients, but none of the typical animal fats or other chemicals.

The first item I picked up was one of their bath bombs, which I think they’re most famous for. I had a really hard time picking which one I wanted to try, as the different smells and appearances of them were so appealing. I finally went with the “Rose Queen” bathbomb, since I’m a big fan of floral  scents.


This pink bomb is chock-full of essential oils and flower petals. Dropping it into the tub you get a wonderful fizzing through the water that tingles against your skin, as well as releasing the wonderful smell of flowers.

After it settles, you’re left with  pretty pink water and petals floating throughout, making your whole bathroom feel more enchanted. I understand the “queen” portion of the name because I did feel pretty decadent bathing with this bomb.


And they don’t skimp on the flowers, either. I expected a couple of tiny petals, but instead I got full bulbs in my water. They’re very soft and fragrant, and it was fun collecting them up and saving them to dry out as a kind of potpourri.


Overall, I’d give this a 10/10. I absolutely loved everything about the experience and would shell out the bucks (they run about $6 a piece) to bathe in it again and again.

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Pastel Dye-Job



I did something new to my hair recently, which I’m totally in love with. I also am getting compliments on it daily, as well as some questions about how I achieved the colors.

I’ve been dying my hair regularly since I was about 14 years old, and everything I know about it are just tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way, either from friends of mine that are stylists, the internet, or trial and error.

That said, dying your hair pastel can be a bit of a challenge. They do sell some dyes that are a pastel-like shade, but I find that they are either A. Not strong enough to coat my hair or B. Not the right shade.

Luckily, you can take virtually any vegetable-based hairdye and lighten it to your desired color.

My two favorites are Manic Panic and Special Effects. Both can be bought online, through sites like Amazon. You can also find them in stores like Hot Topic, but I think they’re usually a bit cheaper online.

For this particular dye job, I used Special Effects Pimpin’ Purple and Manic Panic’s Atomic Turquoise.



You’re going to want to get a fairly big bottle of conditioner (depending on how much hair you have, but I find it takes a good amount no matter what) and make sure it is a WHITE conditioner, so that it can hold the dye.

In a mixing bowl, combine the conditioner and dye together. The rule of thumb is a lot of conditioner and a little dye, and they really do mean a little. With strong colors like the Pimpin’ Purple, I literally only needed a dab of dye to a large amount of conditioner. With the turquoise, I needed quite a bit more dye.

I would say play around with it, adding more or less of each to achieve the color you want. Also, mix it vigorously so that it all blends, or the dye will go in blotchy.

I did a half and half look, basically sectioning off one side of my head at a time.


After applying, I pinned it up and put it in a cap. Since the dye is slightly diluted, you’ll want to keep it in as long as you can. Plus, letting the conditioner set is like giving yourself a deep condition, so it’s a win-win!

When you think the dye has set, rinse it out.  I find that I don’t even need to shampoo when I use this method, and just make sure I get all the conditioner residue out of my hair.

Some people may find the first time trying this it comes out patchy, or not as strong as they thought. By all means, it made take another coat or two to really get it covered. This particular dye job took me two coats.

So there you have one way to alter hairdye. It takes patience and experimentation, but once you get it how you want it you’ll be glad you went through the trouble.



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Bath Time Reviews: Tabi no Yado Hot Springs Bathsalts

Tabi no Yado


The reason I started these reviews is because I am a huge fan of baths. A lot of people in the western world stop taking baths by about puberty, as it is seen as an activity reserved for children and not as effective in cleaning or as quick as a shower. However, bathing culture is completely different in East Asia, where individuals continue to use bathtubs as part of their daily routine well into adulthood. It is seen as a place of relaxation and rest, more than an act of cleaning. One of the best places for this activity in Japan is a natural hot spring (Onsen). However, naturally occurring hot springs aren’t exactly something every person can access, so how do we get the benefits of a hot spring in our own homes?

Enter the Tabi no Yoda hot spring bath salts, made and sold right out of Japan with minerals directly from the source. They come in either a clear or “milky” variety, and this package happens to be of the milky kind.

Tabi no Yoda

Out of the myriad of bath powders, salts, and gels I have used, these are by far my favorite.  Each little packet represents a famous Japanese Onsen and the minerals in that particular hot spring. They’re identifiable by their soft, pleasant scents and milky colors.

Bathing in these bath salts is as if you’ve been transported right into the hot spring, and you feel yourself sinking into the bliss as soon as you enter the bath. Not only is it a comforting experience, it is also a beneficial one. The minerals are said to relax the muscles and stimulate nerves, warming up the body and keeping it warm. For this reason, I really enjoy using these in the winter time when my body needs to retain as much heat as it can. After the bath, you will immediately notice how the scent lingers on your skin for the rest of the day, and makes it silky smooth, as well.

tabi no yado

I give these a 10 out of 10. They are heavenly to use, and I’ll purchase them for as long as I can. Right now they can be bought through Amazon or for roughly the same price.

In the future, I hope to review the other bath salts in this brand.

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Bath Time Reviews: Freeman Anti-Stress Mask

Hello there! I thought I’d get back into the swing of blogging by doing something I’ve always wanted to do, which is review some beauty and bath products. I’m a huge fan of pampering myself, so I though I’d take the time to talk about and show off some stuff.

For my first review, I picked up an anti-stress mask made by Freeman.

Freeman makes relatively inexpensive face masks you can find at virtually any drugstore, as well as online. This mask in particular boasts Dead Sea minerals,  which have been known to not only do wonders for your skin, but benefit your health as well.

Freeman Anti-stress

It works like a typical facial mask. You apply to the face and neck area and leave on to dry, then rinse (it suggests only doing this twice a week, or “as needed”). I read some people thought that the color was off-putting, but I actually think the bright aqua-blue is very pretty and kind of comical once you put it on. Not to mention, it smells fabulous, not too strong or stringent. I will say this isn’t a mask where a little goes a long way, I found myself having to do an extra layer to some areas, as it didn’t cover too well the first go around. However, you can get a decent mask packed on.

Freeman Anti-stress mask


So, did it work? Well, after it was applied and started to dry I did feel the familiar pull and tingle when a mask is getting into your pores. Honestly, it’s not the most comfortable feeling in the world, but it’s necessary if you want the end results. It took quite a bit of scrubbing to get off, and once it was I pat my face dry and added a moisturizing face cream. Afterward and for the rest of the night, I did notice a distinctly clean and fresh feeling to my face, as well as an added softness.



Overall, I’d give it a 7 out of 10. If you want a cheap and easy face mask with the bonus of Dead Sea minerals, I would give it a try!

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