Bath Time Reviews: Freeman Face Polishing Mask

It’s time for another bath time review! This time, I’m tackling another Freeman product, but quite different from my last one.

















As you can see, this is a face polishing mask with charcoal and black sugar as its main ingredients. I was incredibly excited when I saw this new mask on the shelf, as I’ve recently gotten into charcoal based beauty products. Typically charcoal is used in Asian face products, but it’s gaining popularity in the west with companies like Lush now offering charcoal face cleansers. Activated charcoal is said to draw out dirt, bacteria, and chemicals from the skin, giving it a fresh and clean rejuvenation. It’s so strong in fact, that charcoal powder can even be used to treat some poisonous bug bites and bee stings.

This was my first foray with black sugar, similar to brown sugar but darker and richer in content, containing minerals that regular sugar does not. It’s clear that the black sugar here is used as the polishing agent, to scrub away dead skin and let the charcoal do its magic.













At first feel, I was a bit surprised. I knew it wouldn’t be as smooth as the other Freeman products, but I was taken aback by just thick it really was. It also had an unusual oily layer, that made it difficult to spread. As I started applying it to my skin, I had to re-read the directions to make sure it was in fact meant to be used as a mask, because it seemed impossible to get an even coat of it on my face. I also noticed a faint warming sensation, which I’ve noticed while using other charcoal products.

















As you can see, it doesn’t look (or feel) much like a mask. Luckily it has a much shorter setting time than other masks (only 5 to 7 minutes) You then scrub/polish your skin for 2 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Despite the initial weirdness of the texture, I immediately noticed smoothness as I washed it away. Once my face was dry, it had that nice squeaky clean feeling. I could really see this mask coming in handy for the days when my face has pulled in a lot of toxins from pollution, make-up, or anything else it comes into contact with on the daily.  I don’t think I’ll wear it as a mask again, but I will very much use it for a good polish when I need it. And as I stated with the other review, Freeman is a great way to get a mostly natural face cleanser at a fantastic price ($3.99!). I give it a 7 out of 10.


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