Bath Time Reviews: Lush “Rose Queen” Bathbomb

I am back with more reviews from my bathroom!

So I did it, I finally tried some stuff from Lush. I’ve been hearing people gush about it for awhile now, but never got the opportunity to try it. While I was in Boulder in early March, I stumbled across a Lush store and got a couple items bought for my birthday. It was a nice treat.

If you don’t already know, Lush is a cosmetics company that promotes handmade soaps, scrubs, hair products, bath bombs and more, made from only the freshest fruits, vegetables, herbs, essential oils and a couple non-harmful synthetic ingredients, but none of the typical animal fats or other chemicals.

The first item I picked up was one of their bath bombs, which I think they’re most famous for. I had a really hard time picking which one I wanted to try, as the different smells and appearances of them were so appealing. I finally went with the “Rose Queen” bathbomb, since I’m a big fan of floral  scents.


This pink bomb is chock-full of essential oils and flower petals. Dropping it into the tub you get a wonderful fizzing through the water that tingles against your skin, as well as releasing the wonderful smell of flowers.

After it settles, you’re left with  pretty pink water and petals floating throughout, making your whole bathroom feel more enchanted. I understand the “queen” portion of the name because I did feel pretty decadent bathing with this bomb.


And they don’t skimp on the flowers, either. I expected a couple of tiny petals, but instead I got full bulbs in my water. They’re very soft and fragrant, and it was fun collecting them up and saving them to dry out as a kind of potpourri.


Overall, I’d give this a 10/10. I absolutely loved everything about the experience and would shell out the bucks (they run about $6 a piece) to bathe in it again and again.

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