Bath Time Reviews: Tabi no Yado Hot Springs Bathsalts

Tabi no Yado


The reason I started these reviews is because I am a huge fan of baths. A lot of people in the western world stop taking baths by about puberty, as it is seen as an activity reserved for children and not as effective in cleaning or as quick as a shower. However, bathing culture is completely different in East Asia, where individuals continue to use bathtubs as part of their daily routine well into adulthood. It is seen as a place of relaxation and rest, more than an act of cleaning. One of the best places for this activity in Japan is a natural hot spring (Onsen). However, naturally occurring hot springs aren’t exactly something every person can access, so how do we get the benefits of a hot spring in our own homes?

Enter the Tabi no Yoda hot spring bath salts, made and sold right out of Japan with minerals directly from the source. They come in either a clear or “milky” variety, and this package happens to be of the milky kind.

Tabi no Yoda

Out of the myriad of bath powders, salts, and gels I have used, these are by far my favorite. ¬†Each little packet represents a famous Japanese Onsen and the minerals in that particular hot spring. They’re identifiable by their soft, pleasant scents and milky colors.

Bathing in these bath salts is as if you’ve been transported right into the hot spring, and you feel yourself sinking into the bliss as soon as you enter the bath. Not only is it a comforting experience, it is also a beneficial one. The minerals are said to relax the muscles and stimulate nerves, warming up the body and keeping it warm. For this reason, I really enjoy using these in the winter time when my body needs to retain as much heat as it can. After the bath, you will immediately notice how the scent lingers on your skin for the rest of the day, and makes it silky smooth, as well.

tabi no yado

I give these a 10 out of 10. They are heavenly to use, and I’ll purchase them for as long as I can. Right now they can be bought through Amazon or for roughly the same price.

In the future, I hope to review the other bath salts in this brand.

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