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Scott Pilgrim and Generation Y Nostalgia.

So, maybe I’m late to talking about the film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, but I want to talk about it now dammit! And how it relates to some recent thoughts I’ve had about nostalgia. I’m not really going to … Continue reading

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How I Spent my Summer Vacation

The absence is due to the week-long vacation I took in Florida. No, not basking on sandy beaches, but spending time with good friends in a small southern town. It was really very relaxing and just what I needed before the … Continue reading

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Hollywood Mindset: You Need a White Guy

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. have acquired a script for a story called The Outsider, about an American, Caucasian dude who joins the Yakuza. Also known as the Japanese mafia. I’m annoyed. I’m not annoyed because I think it’s inaccurate, it’s not. … Continue reading

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