Denver Handmade Homemade Market

Denver Haho

It’s been awhile! For that, I apologize, and hope to start writing here some more.

Earlier this month, I got to debut my new business,Trouvé Bijou, at a great little market called the Denver Handmade Homemade (or just HaHo, for short). True to its name, everything in the market is either handmade (crafted) or homemade (food stuffs). Here you’ll find a lot of upcycling and recycling of materials, as well as all-natural and organic products.

I had a great experience and I encourage others to vend with them or just drop by to do some shopping. The people who run the market are open and helpful, but also step back enough to let you do your thing. You’ll also find some fantastic one of a kind gifts here. There is what looks to be a great two-day holiday market coming up in December. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make this one, but I do plan on vending with them in the future!





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Summer time and jewelry making

Trouvé Bijou

It’s getting warmer and I’m out of school for the semester. Which means I’ll be posting here again!

The biggest thing on my summer list beside traveling, reading, and gardening is making rings.

I plan to open an Etsy store very soon and sell my rings, which are made from vintage buttons, loose charms, and whatever other trinkets I can get my hands on. I want to ensure my rings have one of a kind designs as well as being suited to everyone.

Here are a few I have in my collections so far! (click to enlarge)




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BigBang in Anaheim

I’m a little late with it, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to make a post here or not. Given that I need to use this thing more, I said why not?

If you’re not in the know, BigBang is a South Korean pop/hiphop group under YG Entertainment, and undoubtedly one of the most successful Korean acts out there right now.  When they decided to embark on a world tour, they planned on hitting up two places in the US, the West and East coast. With the high demand of tickets and both shows selling out, they scheduled 2 more shows.

From this point on, my writing will be catered toward an audience that is familiar with BB and K-pop in general.

I, and my good friend, ended up going to both shows in Anaheim. We originally planned for one, but we wanted to try and score VIP tickets to one of the shows and then sell the others. We got the VIP, but weren’t successful in selling the tickets for the other show, so there’s that.

The VIP experience was great, and would be for any fan. VIP wasn’t as crowded for Friday as it was for Saturday, so we lucked out. We got a wrist band at a booth and waited in line before being taken in for soundcheck. There was some messing around with G-Dragon’s voice coming over the speakers before we actually saw him. He went through ‘Crayon’ and his freestyle bit a couple of times before the rest of the guys joined him and they performed “Feeling” in full. It was relatively quick, but it was nice to see them in plain-clothes and interacting with the small audience.

Afterward, we went back outside and collected our VIP merch, which consisted of a tote bag, an official lightstick, a tshirt, and a VIP pass.

After that, it was back to the VIP line to wait for the show. It started a little later than planned and it was getting chilly out, but we preoccupied ourselves by chatting with other fans in line. Generally, everyone was incredibly nice and mature, which was a bit of a pleasant surprise. Being a somewhat older fan in comparison to the teenagers (mid-20s) I sometimes dread pop shows, but I didn’t have a problem with this one at all.

We were let in and found a great spot on the floor right at the barricade near the main stage on the left side. Again, Friday VIP wasn’t as packed so there was tons of room to move around. I could even leave my spot near the barricade and come right back to it if I wanted.

The concert intro was phenomenal and they launched right into “Tonight” after making their entrance. The show was incredibly well-designed and entertaining complete with pyrotechnics, confetti, lasers, and snow. The boys all sang live and sounded incredible, and I was extremely impressed. I always knew BB put on a good show, but it’s nothing in comparison to actually witnessing it in person.

They’re all very personable and seemed right at home with the fans, and weren’t afraid to interact. Seungri and Daesung seem to take on their English speaking head-first and will say as much as possible, even if they get a few things wrong. TOP and GD are more deliberate with their English, as if they spent a good amount of time really practicing what they wanted to say. Taeyang seemed comfortable with how he spoke, and usually had a bit of a slangy-drawl which I found amusing.

Setlist (as provided by

  1. Still Alive (Intro)
  2. Tonight (KR Ver with English Raps from JP Ver)
  3. Hands Up
  4. Transition Random Medley (Basically just Taeyang doing “yeah yeah yeah”)
  5. Fantastic Baby
  6. How Gee
  7. Stupid Liar
  8. Talk [DS/VI/YB]
  9. One Of A Kind (BGM as GD enters) + Crayon + English Rap [GD]
  10. Knock Out [GD&TOP]
  11. High High [GD&TOP]
  12. Strong Baby [VI]
  13. What Can I Do [VI]
  14. Gara Gara Go (JP Ver)
  15. Number 1
  16. Cafe
  17. Talk
  18. Bad Boy
  19. Blue
  20. Love Song
  21. Monster
  22. Feeling
  23. Only Look At Me [YB]
  24. Wedding Dress [YB]
  25. Wings [DS]
  26. Haru Haru
  27. T.O.P’s Birthday Segment
  28. Lies
  29. Last Farewell
  30. My Heaven [ENCORE]
  31. Bad Boy [ENCORE]
  32. Fantastic Baby [ENCORE]
  33. Feeling [ENCORE]
  34. Hands Up [ENCORE]

As you can see, it was a long show, but not a second was wasted or boring. I also noted that some none K-pop fans who reviewed the show (journalists) made it seem like they re-performed their encores because they couldn’t fill the time, which is totally not true. BigBang has plenty of material. But, instead of focusing on choreography like they do the first time they perform it, they’re a lot more at-ease and usually take the time to really interact with the fans and I found that fantastic (baby).

The second night we had seats in the 200-section, and that had its own benefits. From this angle, I could really see the entire show and all the intricacies going on, as well as getting the full-effect of the choreography. They put a lot of effort into the visual representation of their songs and it comes across beautifully.

So that’s my little fan account of the show. Others go into far more detail than I do, but I wanted to throw my own experience into the mix. It was an amazing experience at that, and having been a fan since their debut in 2006, they definitely lived up to all my expectations.

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Where Am I?

These reaction videos to scary games seem to be all the rage right now, so I thought I’d get in on the fun. Enjoy me playing “Where Am I?” from the creators of “Slender”.

You can play the game HERE if you’re interested.

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Vacation Roundup

So updating as I went along is totally out the window. I’m back home now, and will just throw together everything I did since the last entry.

We spent 2 days in Philadelphia, taking in the city and historic sites, such at the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. (As usual, clicking the thumbnails will make them bigger)








After that, we drove to Virginia to spend a couple days in Williamsburg. The weekend was spent riding rides at Busch Gardens and Water Country, which there are no photos of because I wasn’t going to lug my big ol’ camera around 2 amusement parks. However, on the last day we did get to explore the historic Jamestown settlement.









We drove back to NYC and took some time to rest and get caught up on work before going out for more exploring. My last couple of days were casual and met with lots of rain, but we managed to pick a good night for a boat ride around the statue of liberty.









We capped off my visit with a trip to the NY Aquarium and some delicious Indian cuisine.













All in all, it was an amazingly good time. I saw and did a ton of new things within a 3 week span, and I’m eager to go back and do the things I didn’t have time for the first time around.

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Times Square

I had originally planned to update this day by day, but I find that I’m a bit too lazy busy to do it that way. So, I’m getting around to it. We ventured to Times Square my third night in NYC.

These Lights

It was crowded, humid, and my senses were smacked around by a myriad of smells and sights. Despite its chaos, I enjoyed myself. I got an iced coffee and black & white cookie from a bakery and set out with my boyfriend for the night. We hit up some of the usual stores, but mostly stuck to the outside.

Met some interesting folks as well.

Then ended the night with some delicious $1 pizza.


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East Coast Adventure Day 1 – Fourth of July

I’m in New York City!

My boyfriend resides in Brooklyn and I finally had the time to come and visit. The trip got off to a shaky start, with my luggage not coming in and fearing the worst when I had to file a claim on it. Luckily it wasn’t lost, simply left behind and got to me the very next day. Phew.

My first official day in NYC was July 4th, and insanely busy. Despite this we still ventured out on the subway to Coney Island to stroll the boardwalk and take in the ocean breeze. I’m a big big fan of circus and sideshow history, so Coney Island was on the top of my list of sights to see. We plan to come back later to ride some rides at night and see the still-running sideshow.

Check out the photos below (click to enlarge)

Boat ride July Crowds



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Denver Comic Con 2012: The First of its Kind

This past Father’s Day weekend marked the first annual Denver Comic Con in Denver, Colorado. Comic Cons around the globe have been a thing for quite awhile now, but San Diego and NYC were always the places people had to go if they wanted a big, nerdy event with some of their favorite artists, writers, and celebs  showing up.   Being a resident of Colorado and the Denver metro area my entire life, I was immensely proud of how it turned out.

I only attended Saturday, but that is no doubt the biggest day for weekend conventions. Pre-registering online got me inside quick and painless, and I was glad it was being held at the Colorado Convention Center, because they definitely needed all the room they could get.

Things were well organized, staff was generally nice and helpful, and the set-up was fairly easy to navigate. I liked how the dealers area and artists area were laid out next to each other, and you could just browse row upon row of both merch and talent.

Unfortunately, the actors from The Walking Dead I wanted to see ended up canceling their appearance. However, I got to see a great panel featuring some well-known voice actors: Tom Kane,  Khary Payton and Billy West. Below are some videos where you can hear the various characters they voice.

All in all, it was amazing for a first time event. I’m super proud of my city for doing such a great job, and even more eager to see what they have in store for next year (already announced Stan Lee for 2013!)


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Summertime activities

I never take classes during the summer, because I see it as my time to step back from working and do things to feed my individuality and creativity.

Currently, I’m enrolled in a cake decorating class at Michael’s taught by the lovely people at (and using products by) Wilton.  This week I got to decorate this awesomely delicious cake.

Not bad, self.

I’m also doing yoga every Sunday with one of my older sisters. After the first class? I was sore for a good two days. Hopefully it’ll get easier.

Then there’s the simple crafts, like these windmills I painted for the garden.

Other than those activities, I’m just looking forward to upcoming events (which will be documented here) including attending the first ever Denver Comic-Con, my roadtrip through the Northeast U.S,  and seeing BigBang in November.

Stay tuned <3

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Viva Nevada

I spent my springbreak in Vegas, which sounds way too typical and it is. However, I can’t say I spent my days and nights getting wasted by either a pool or in some skyrise nightclub. I mostly spent it playing quarter slots with my boyfriend,  lounging in the jacuzzi tub at the Palms, and getting boba in Chinatown.

I also acquired a headcold halfway through the trip and spent a good portion of my time eating spaghettio’s and watching The First 48 on a pull out couch in a condo in Mesquite, NV.

Contrary to how this sounds, I had a lot of fun.

VenetianNY NYThe Strip.


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