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Bath Time Reviews: Tabi no Yado Hot Springs Bathsalts

  The reason I started these reviews is because I am a huge fan of baths. A lot of people in the western world stop taking baths by about puberty, as it is seen as an activity reserved for children … Continue reading

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Nan Desu Kan 15

I hit up my second Anime convention of this year, this time in my hometown of Denver. The last time I attended NDK, it was still relatively small and held at a hotel out by the airport. It has grown … Continue reading

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Hollywood Mindset: You Need a White Guy

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. have acquired a script for a story called The Outsider, about an American, Caucasian dude who joins the Yakuza. Also known as the Japanese mafia. I’m annoyed. I’m not annoyed because I think it’s inaccurate, it’s not. … Continue reading

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In Tribute: Isshi of Kagrra,

If you’ve been a fan of Japanese Visual Kei music in the last 10 or so years, chances are you’ve heard of Kagrra,. They were unique from other bands in their genre both musically and in personal style, taking on … Continue reading

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Boston and Japanese rock bands.

I headed out to Boston last week to meet up with friends and see a Japanese rock band by the name of Girugamesh. I got into Japanese music at the tender age of fifteen, and now at 23 I have … Continue reading

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Japanese candy is amazing

I got suckered into spending $5 on Japanese candy when a friend showed me this video. How could I NOT buy it!? There’s a great site called White Rabbit Press that will actually, upon your request, find you items in … Continue reading

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